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City Index now allowing Spread bets on Bitcoin /r/Bitcoin

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IG poised to widen market for spread bets on Bitcoin

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IG poised to widen market for spread bets on Bitcoin -

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Trade Bitcoin at Spreadex:"You can now place spread bets on Bitcoin at Spreadex. We are proud to be the first UK spread betting firm to offer this market."

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IG Poised to Widen Market for Spread Bets on Bitcoin

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IG poised to widen market for spread bets on Bitcoin

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Benefits to owning bitcoin versus spread betting on bitcoin?

I have a small amount of bitcoin, and paid the 3% charge during purchase. This obviously reduces investment gains. I'm not going to use bitcoin for purchasing - just investment.
I just realised that some people are probably spreadbetting on the bitcoin skyrocket, and paying a far smaller percentage to the betting company giving larger gains.
Are there any benefits to purchasing bitcoin versus spreadbetting on it? Or should I be cashing out?
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Benefits to owning bitcoin versus spread betting on bitcoin? /r/Bitcoin

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I volunteer time educationg people & defending Wikileaks on Twitter. I think it's high time Julian's detractors had a chance to put their BITCOIN where they mouths are. So I made this BetMoose bet about it. Please spread & challenge!

I volunteer time educationg people & defending Wikileaks on Twitter. I think it's high time Julian's detractors had a chance to put their BITCOIN where they mouths are. So I made this BetMoose bet about it. Please spread & challenge! submitted by catsfive to WikiLeaks [link] [comments]

04-30 23:04 - 'And what makes me laugh is half the people who are arguing about gold probably own Zero or a few ounces, and think they are going to hit the big time. I could and would make more money on spread betting on line.' by /u/lookinggood23 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 227-237min

And what makes me laugh is half the people who are arguing about gold probably own Zero or a few ounces, and think they are going to hit the big time. I could and would make more money on spread betting on line.
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BetOnline Down?

Is BetOnline down for anyone?
I just made a deposit via bitcoin because I found a bet I love, but now when I try to access the site, the page doesn't load up and I get the message "You do not have permission to view this directory or page"
This is on mobile if it makes a difference
Update: It works when I use incognito mode. Thoughts on why that is?
Update: Incognito no longer works. Their twitter said IT is working on it. That was 9 hours ago. 1 hour ago they tweeted that they have technical difficulties and hope to have it up soon. Unfortunately no ETA
Update: Comments made by others have links to A) a possible $50 free roll once the site is running, and B) a BetOnline tweet saying they are under a cyber attack. Not sure what to make of this. Hopefully bankrolls and information are secure
Update: Site is back up, but for me at least, I can only view the help page
Update: Dave Mason has tweeted that funds are safe and pending wagers will be graded. Still no ETA
5:45 PM EST Update: BOL sent out an email saying the site will likely be down throughout the weekend. The Mega Contest and Survivor Contest will exclude week 6 and continue in week 7
8:30 PM EST Update: BetOnline tweets out they have made "significant progress" in the last 24hrs. Hope to provide an ETA soon in r 10 PM EST Update: BOL tweets all funds are safe and pending wagers will be graded. " (@betonline_ag) Tweeted: We are happy to update the following commonly asked questions:
  1. All player balances and funds are 100% safe and secure
  2. All pending wagers are still valid
We are rapidly working on an overall solution and hope to have one for you ASAP."
Thank you again for your patience.
Update: BOL tweets out that they expect all services to be live at some point today
Update: BOL is back online. Not mobile as of now I believe
Edit: Thanks for the award! I don't mind posting any updates I find. I'm just a local degen anxious about when it comes online. All in this together!
Update: They sent an email out with a loyalty bonus 1) A 100% deposit bonus (I nvr take the bonus bc of the rollover) 2) $100 free bet on Bucs v Raiders spread or total. Must be more than $10 wager. A loss will be refunded but those funds will be under a 3x Rollover requirement. If the game is postponed there will be a diff game chosen for the promo in week 8 3) $25 bet pretty much easy money. Bet is for all 3 Thanksgiving day games to combine for over 9 points at even odds.
Must be sure to opt in to the promo beforehand. Check your email. Click the image and enter your acct number to opt in
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[ANN] [DEF No.1] Quantitative Fund launched by BitOffer - The first Cryptocurrency Quantitative Fund

[ANN] [DEF No.1] Quantitative Fund launched by BitOffer - The first Cryptocurrency Quantitative Fund
DEF No.1 is a Bitcoin Quantitative Fund on BitOffer. It is a fund managed by BitOffer Quantitative team. The team will use trading strategies such as Quantitative Hedge, Quantitative Arbitrage, High-frequency trading, etc. to arbitrage from the BTC/USDT market. As the strategies have been tested for a long while, BitOffer Quantitative Fund will promise the investors a 20% fixed annualized return. It is a number that is really attractive.
First of all, what is BitOffer?
BitOffer is a cryptocurrency exchange starting providing service since March 15th , 2019. New, but innovative... Such as Bitcoin Options, Leveraged Tokens using Bitcoin & ETH as the underlying, Cryptocurrency Wealth Management.
No more praise word here.
What are the advantages of BitOffer Bitcoin Quantitative Fund?
  1. 20% Fixed APY Promised (Compared with yield-farming, and some financial products launched by other exchanges, the APY of the fund is fixed and stable. I know, some DEX fans may say that decentralized is more reliable...That is fine. We all know DeFi also can be hacked, like the “Harvest finance drama”. )
  2. Capital Guaranteed (Yep, it guarantees the original investment. The team will use strategies to arbitrage from the market, at the same time, it will never do any risky operation to bet for a high leveraged profit. Since it is a Quantitative Fund, it shall be operated in a stable way. )
  3. Stable and Fixed
For the basic information, that’s all...
You may want to ask that then what is our gain from all these?
First, arbitrage from the market is possible for a practiced team to make in the financial market. For example, many futures traders should know that the price index quarterly futures always has a price spread from the price index of the spot trading market, then an arbitrage possibility exists.
And TBH, BitOffer can complete profit-taking from it also.
That’s it..XD
In short, Bitcoin Quantitative fund is a fund that guarantees a 20% annualized return and 100% capital. It is a wealth management product that can help investors grow assets gradually.
Leave your comments here, let me know your thought.
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Let's talk stocks: Whats your top 3 convictions?

What is your top convictions, where you feel as close to certain as you can about its future. Upside or downside.
  1. Square ($SQ) is going to be a $1 trillion dollar company in my lifetime. I am honestly amazed how well this company is positioning themselves. They will move away from small business as they slowly replace the wallet and cash of the US. Similar things have already happened in Sweden, world leader in digital payments. Square is doing the same but in the US, while being the best trusted bitcoin handler and small business backend.
  2. Paypal ($PYPL) is slowly moving themselves into e commerce in a way they haven't before. They are light years ahead of anyone in ease of payment, and is rapidly spreading into a global power. If your country has a population, it takes PayPal for online purchases. On top of it, Venmo is the only threat to Squares cash app, so why not own both.
  3. Facebook ($FB) is going to be one of the solid heavy weights of the next 10 years, where some people vocally hate on them while they are raking in money hands over fists from the entire world. They have shown an almost disgusting ability of killing completion, and wouldn't be hurt much from a potential breakup (which I personally doubt will happen. Future post). Additionally, they just had a massive blow out success in VR, releasing the quest 2 incredibly successfully. VR will be mainstream and Facebook WILL be the king of it.
As you may notice from my picks, I am betting on the death of cash. And I really really do. No price targets as I plan holding these forever. My models to suggest overpriced fairly, but I belive their growth will accelerate as new services/monitazationa are released.
What do you belive in?
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Bitcoiners vs Altcoiners, and a lesson learned.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. It's only my personal opinion. You can agree or disagree. Stay civil.
It seems clear that we're in a new Bitcoin rally. With Bitcoin ready to attack its latest ATH, the question arises: Should we buy Bitcoin? My answer is: It depends. If we buy a Bitcoin now and it reaches its current all time high, we'd be talking about a return of less than double. That's very little considering that this is crypto and crypto means sick profits. If the good predictions came true and it reached $100,000, we would be talking about something less than x10 of profit. This is a lot. Not bad at all. But being crypto and being Bitcoin, I still find it a bit poor considering the tremendous effort that Bitcoin would need to make. One thing is clear, if you want an insane profit, the moon, the lambo, you have to go for altcoins and use Bitcoin as a volatility catalyst. That is, when Bitcoin goes up and drags the whole market up. If you're looking for the dream of becoming a millionaire, you have to assume it's too late to buy Bitcoin, unless you're willing to invest a lot of money or you're convinced it can reach 500k or even 1 million. Which I personally see as unlikely, at least in the short term. Bitcoin, however, can be used as a store of value. Even if some people disagree with this, the truth is that Bitcoin is nearly 12 years old and has only been more expensive than today during a few days in all this time. This is what a store of value is supposed to be. And it's not even mainstream yet.
So what altcoins to buy? When I think of altcoins I am thinking of tokens with less than 1B market capitalization. Tokens with a great growth potential. Of course, the smaller their market capitalization the more price potential, but also the risk is higher. Personally, I think the risk, during the Bitcoin bull cycle, is a bit overestimated, since the whole market goes up. It's very difficult for the lowcap token you've bought not to appreciate by at least a X10. I speak from the experience of having lived the 2017 bull market. It is very important to choose tokens with the lowest possible supply. In a frantic market, where Bitcoin is spreading collective hysteria throughout the market, the utility of the token takes a back seat. It's the scarcity of that token what will determine its price potential. And the exposure. And the exchanges the token is being traded on, or potential big exchanges that it will be added.
Lesson that I learned.
I have explained this a few times already on reddit. I once had 18 Bitcoin. Today it would be $234,000. I didn't sell them to make a profit, I've always been convinced that Bitcoin was going to reach 6 digits and I'm still convinced of that right now. I lost 18 Bitcoin for trying to tame the market. It's impossible to tame the market. An idea as seemingly simple as buying cheap and selling expensive unwittingly changes into buying expensive and selling cheap. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. There is no comparison to anything else. No one is mentally prepared to see Bitcoin fall by 50% after buying, or to see Bitcoin increase in value by 50% after selling. The stress that these situations put on our weak minds is what makes us fail. Taming the market is exactly the same as gambling. You're betting that Bitcoin will go down and therefore you're selling. Or you bet that Bitcoin will go up and therefore you buy. You can get it right once, but sooner or later you'll fail and ruin everything. It's a lottery. Everybody in Reddit likes to show off when they make a successful trade, but only a few post when they fuck it up.
In 2017 I had around 2500 tokens of a shitcoin called XLM (Solaris). A very scarce token I bought very cheap. If I recall correctly, I sold them all at 20something cents and placed a buy order at 15 cents. The shit went down to 16 or 17 cents… then skyrocketed to $40 in December. My buy order was never executed.
There's no way to predict the future, even with all those lines that people who want to be famous do at the expense of your naivety, the market analysts. Just buy and hold. Don't trade. Don't risk losing. Don't play like this is a casino, this is an investment and investments take time. I was one of the lucky ones who bought XRP for less than a penny. I find it very funny when people make jokes about the price of XRP. A lot of people are in the red with XRP and think that XRP is a shitty coin. However, there is something they don't understand. They are not objectively evaluating XRP because they bought it at a very specific time. I have never been in the red with XRP because I bought before the 2017 jump. They and I simply see reality from different perspectives. The token is the same for us, our point of view is not. They call a token that has yielded a fantastic X100 from my investment a shitcoin. It's a matter of perspective. I want to tell you that for years, people who bought Bitcoin at $1000 were suffering tremendous losses, as Bitcoin dropped to $200 after that. Today everyone would kill to be able to buy a single Bitcoin at $1000. PERSPECTIVE. The casino is a short term game. The investments are LONG-TERM projects.
The 2017 bull run took the whole market to a new level and never went back. Are we going to see a new level in 2021?
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Gambling INTPs?

Any INTP knows the odds are against them all the time and that is enough to deter them. But I've always been a gambler. In middle school I got a multigame mini pool table, table tennis, and Roulette wheel and card table. My friends would come over and gamble money or things. My friend's mom disapproved and made him give me some stuff back (haha). I just didn't know I had to rake games to be "the house." In middle school the black kids taught white kids craps and we'd shoot for dollars. I still love a good dice game. We'd have them on payday after close a couple jobs ago. The shit talking is so much better than poker games.
In HS I gambled poker and chess a lot. My favorite poker game was played where everyone had 2.25g of shrooms in them. No poker faces and it didn't last that long. Not great at poker. I've gambled on Chess pretty successfully. Not great at Spades.
But I'm an INTP and Casinos aren't my thing. Rather gamble at pool at a dive bar.
That said I'm doing a lot of sports betting right now. I once read that a professional sports gambler only wins 55% of the time but they have advanced knowledge in props, parlays, hedging etc. I just figured at college and to a lesser extent pro football, I could pick the winner above 55% maybe even against against--the-spread. My favorite former gf was good at betting on the ponies because she was into horses and leased one, so she had similar inside knowledge as someone who's watched football for 25yrs
I put $150 deposit and got $165 because they passed some BTC savings onto me. First week I bet the full $165. I remember the bets too. $45 on Duke (Lost but beat the spread) Same with the $45 I put on S. Alabama. $45 on Coastal Carolina who won outright against Kansas $45. Because the house rakes the games I'd only win about $40 off each so that's $270. But I put a $30 parlay on all three winning and won $180. Turned $165 into $360 (not exact--change and some numbers were rounded). I qualified for a bonus $165 for betting everything. That's a cool $425.
I thought "Holy Shit I can just go pro" beginners luck. It was also right after I lost my job and I'm moving for a new one mid October. Back to my home city and old neighborhood. Pretty psyched really except moving is a hassle.
Two weeks ago lost $70. I thought that comes with the territory of a pro sports better. I broke even last week. This week I chose a new strategy and bet on 7 games instead of 3. Truth was I don't know a certain percentage. I know games I "know" but I only lost $60. It just feels worse because I went 1-6 instead of two weeks ago when I went 1-2. Plus I lose some change on the low probability parlays.
The problem is that I just dipped into my other $165 to bet on pro football. Put in a couple bets and a parlay. The winnings get transferred into my main account. I'm still up either $80 in my account (I can't cash in the "free money")
My floor is $200 because I wanna make at least $50 off this fun lil exercise but I see how addictive it is for the first time. I even sought out a Bitcoin chess gambling site mainly used by Africans but I don't play because either I'm not better at Chess than Nigerian Royalty or they use chess bots or both. It also was pretty obviously used for money laundering which is what the gambling sites are also used for. Now I'm betting on Sunday football. Not just Saturday.
I guess my cashout ceiling is a grand but I don't see that happening haha.
Point is that wk2 college football this year was like my first joint, the first time I mixed valium-codeine-and a belt of scotch at 14. The first time I painted something halfway decent under a bridge at 16. The first time I fucked a girl at 17. The first time I had an audience in stitches at 22 (standup). All very pleasurable and only relatively routinely done. Except maybe sex and drugs but they have other major downsides.
Hell when I learned to read at 8 I was attached to books my whole life but nobody thinks that's bad. Haha.
Do other people gamble?
I'm extraverted enough that if someone has dice on the street I'll shoot or if they have a chess game at a coffee shop. I'll bet $20.
Best in person bet was with a frenemy in my group who was the epitome of iamverysmart and everyone in my group thought he was a genius. I took $20 off him in front of everyone and he refused to try to win it back. Bad look for him.
I hope I can keep it just for fun. Any other INTP gamblers on here?
Edit: Forgot to mention I won $400+ in a $20 pool for the 2011 March Madness B-Ball tourney. I watched none of the regular season (like usual) but knew UConn was good but nobody picked them as they were a #3 seed. I didn't win most rounds either. Dumb luck. It's funny that I forgot because it was less recent than that grudge match against that guy I played chess against.
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Selling BTC on Paxful for fun and profit -- any experience?

So I was researching non-KYC methods of purchasing BTC for myself and came across the Paxful P2P exchange which seems to even allow PayPal as a payment method.
There's a pretty high price spread for these listed PayPalUSD-BTC transactions -- like 15 to 20% and higher.
I'm a HODLer myself, have no interest in selling my own personal stash, but receiving additional income as a bitcoin middleman is pretty attractive.
Does anyone have experience trading on this platform?
If I were to spot purchase BTC on-demand from Coinbase or Gemini, trade for USD via Paxful/PayPal at a premium, then as long as I used LIFO tax ordering I don't see how the tax impact would be much of an issue. With such quick turnaround the capital gains would be negligible (or they'd be losses) and wouldn't really eat much into my profits from selling at a premium. I could leave my 'old' coins untouched for the long term and just trade with the 'fresh' ones.
Anyone have any success with being this type of middleman either on this platform or another?
EDIT: Looking into things a bit more, I bet a lot of replies to this will be to suggest Bisq instead. How does fiat trading work with Bisq?
EDIT2: Thinking a bit further about this whole process, it seems like these P2P exchanges would make it trivially easy to buy some Bitcoin on a traditional exchange, "sell" it to yourself at a loss for tax purposes, and continue to hold your coins privately. These platforms must be rife with 'laundering' abuses.
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Nitrogen Sports (Offshore, no sign-up bonus)

US/Offshore: Offshore
Deposit Method: Bitcoin
Offer: None
Rolloveother requirements: N/a
Overall Review: 5/5
Pros: Anonymity. Ran completely off of bitcoin, provides a great discrete way to bet on sports, without ever asking for you name, address, DOB, SSN, etc. Most bets are -108 rather than -110, and often have variance in their lines compared to other sites, opening arbitrage opportunities. Very reliable site, which approves BTC withdraws within 24hrs, if not only a few hours in most of my experiences. On-site customer support with chat box and email-like messaging.
Cons: No sign-up bonus, but does offer some free bet/free squares promotions. Fewer player props and alt spreads than other sites. Just like with any book, I would recommend to stay away from the casino and slots, they are the rigged for the site.
Referral Link: Link
Please feel free to post your questions, reviews, and referral links below as well.
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morning prepper

Flurry of dealmaking
Bayer (OTCPK:BAYRY) is paying as much as $4B for U.S. biotech firm Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, bolstering its pharmaceuticals division as it continues to reel from its acquisition of crops giant Monsanto (and cancer-related Roundup lawsuits). The latest deal, which includes upfront consideration of $2B and potential milestone payments of up to $2B, is a bet on cutting-edge gene therapy, which offers the potential to cure a wide range of often-rare diseases by editing errors in the body's instruction manual. Drugmakers including Novartis (NYSE:NVS), Roche Holding (OTCQX:RHHBY) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) have also made big bets on the industry, snapping up gene therapy makers.
Dunkin' may sell and go private
Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins chains owner Dunkin' Brands (NASDAQ:DNKN) confirmed preliminary talks to be acquired by Inspire Brands after the NYT reported on the negotiations. Inspire would take Dunkin' private at $106.5 per share, valuing the company at $8.8B, or a 20% premium over DNKN's closing price of $88.79 on Friday. While Dunkin' said "there is no certainty that any agreement will be reached," if successful, Inspire would add the new assets to the Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby's Sonic, and Jimmy John's chains that it already owns. DNKN +19% premarket. More M&A: Blackstone to buy Simply Self Storage for about $1.2B.
New Canada oil giant
Cenovus Energy (NYSE:CVE) has agreed to buy Husky Energy (OTCPK:HUSKF) in a C$3.8B ($2.9B) all-stock deal that will combine two of the largest players in Canada's struggling oil-sands industry. The combined company will have about 750K boe/d production, making it the third-largest Canadian oil and natural gas producer. it would also be the second-largest Canadian-based refiner and upgrader with total North American upgrading and refining capacity of ~660K boe/d.
Coronavirus surge, elusive stimulus deal
U.S. stock index futures are starting the week on the backfoot, falling nearly 1% overnight, as the nation reported a record of more than 83,000 new COVID infections on both Friday and Saturday. "We're not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigation areas," White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CNN's State of the Union program. Meadows and Nancy Pelosi also accused each other of "moving the goalposts" on stimulus legislation in back-to-back interviews, dimming chances a deal could be reached before Election Day.
Vaccine trials
The COVID-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca (NASDAQ:AZN) produces a robust antibody and T-cell immune response in elderly people, the group at highest risk, FT reports. While details of the finding are expected to be published shortly in a clinical journal, sources cautioned that positive immunogenicity tests do not guarantee that the vaccine will ultimately prove safe and effective in older people. AstraZeneca resumed the U.S. trial of its experimental vaccine on Friday after a pause due to safety concerns, while Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) also restarted trials, saying the first batches of its shot could be available in January.
Farm purchases under China trade deal
"China has purchased approximately 71% of its farm purchases target for 2020," according to an interim report on agricultural trade from the U.S. Trade Representative. "They have purchased $23.6B in agricultural products so far this year, substantially more than the base year of 2017, and should end up being our best year ever in sales to China. It is worth noting that the Phase One Agreement did not go into effect until February 14, 2020, and March is the first full month of its effect... We already are on pace to have all-time high sales to China in beef, pork, corn, and soybeans." Go Deeper: Some are questioning the figures and the timeline.
California blackouts
PG&E (NYSE:PCG) is pre-emptively cutting power again in northern California, affecting 386,000 homes and businesses in 38 counties, or nearly 1M people. It's the fourth times this year the state’s largest utility had to shut off electricity due to high winds and extreme wildfire danger, which could spark blazes if live wires topple into dry brush. Utilities in Southern California, like Southern California Edison (NYSE:EIX), are also warning of potential blackouts.
Potential election chaos
As the threat of election-related unrest escalates in the U.S., Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) said it would implement emergency measures reserved for "at-risk" countries to bring down the online temperature. The social media giant plans to limit the "spread of viral content" and lower the bar for "suppressing potentially inflammatory posts" using internal tools previously deployed in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, WSJ reports. The tools would only be used in the event of election-related violence or other serious circumstances, though some employees are concerned it could slow down viral content and unintentionally hide legitimate political discussions. Go Deeper: Facebook will ban U.S. political ads indefinitely after November 3.
Samsung chairman and icon dies
A chapter has closed for the Samsung conglomerate following the death of Lee Kun-hee, who transformed the South Korean appliance maker into the world's biggest producer of smartphones, TVs and memory chips. He had been incapacitated for years following a 2014 stroke, leaving day-to-day operations to his son, Lee Jae-yong, who goes by Jay Y. in the West. While Lee spends about 95% of his time focused on Samsung Electronics (OTC:SSNLF), the conglomerate's most valuable arm, he formally takes the reins with Samsung on the defensive and struggling to evolve within the tech industry.
What else is happening...
SAP (NYSE:SAP) tumbles 18% premarket after slashing revenue forecast.
Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) steps away from bottling in Australia.
Chinese policymakers discuss new five-year development plan.
Airbnb (AIRB) approves private share split ahead of IPO.
American (NASDAQ:AAL) plans PR events before 737 MAX (NYSE:BA) takes to the skies.
AT&T (NYSE:T) job cuts at historical levels; CNN's Zucker may be on the block.
Today's Markets
In Asia, Japan -0.1%. Hong Kong +0.5%. China -0.8%. India -1.3%. In Europe, at midday, London -0.2%. Paris -0.6%. Frankfurt -2.1%. Futures at 6:20, Dow -0.9%. S&P -0.9%. Nasdaq -0.9%. Crude -2.5% to $38.85. Gold -0.2% at $1902.40. Bitcoin +0.6% to $13099. Ten-year Treasury Yield -3 bps to 0.81%
Today's Economic Calendar
8:30 Chicago Fed National Activity Index 10:00 New Home Sales 10:30 Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey
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$1000 hands

Ok check it. I’ve got $25,000 saved up. I’m planning a trip to a place where BJ rules are a little more liberal (I live in Florida). Now, how feasible is it that I will make $5000 betting $1,000 hands? I plan on stopping my play as soon as I make that $5,000 the reason for this is because I have lost about that much by stupidly playing the games offered at the Seminole casinos down here. Feel free to roast me idc, also feel free to share success stories
Update: ok you guys convinced me, I’m just gonna practice my counting religiously and use a bet spread/RoR on the somewhat riskier side with good rules. The bitcoin idea is also not too shabby..
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Alpha5 Futures Swaps: Creating Value in Crypto Derivatives

Alpha5 Futures Swaps: Creating Value in Crypto Derivatives
Crypto derivatives have come some way in a short period of time, albeit the infrastructure of the ecosystem is still largely haphazard and uncoordinated.
Most exchanges experience a daily volume that equals or surpasses their Open Interest, highlighting some concern of trust, but more the lack of stickiness of capital.
(Source:, Date: 10th July 2020)
And when it comes to actual trading, despite all the showboating, one product reigns king, the Perpetual Swap. In fact, roughly 2/3 of all BTC linear derivatives volume clears through this single product.
(Source:, Date: 10th July 2020)
This is a problem. On one hand we speak of the evolving state of the market, but under the hood it appears, everyone is hugging familiarity. Without a developed futures curve, the ecosystem faces a lot of problems; speculators aren’t able to trade basis, lenders/borrowers must painstakingly hedge cash flows, convex products such as options are unable to be priced effectively, bond market development is delayed, and so on…
The large part of the issue however is not that these futures don’t exist (they do), but that they lack liquidity. But why would anyone want to venture out to the 9-month future of Bitcoin? Is the premium fair? Is it rich? Or is it too low? Almost every active HFT trader will prefer the perpetual swap to a far-dated future.
How is this solved? Futures Swaps (also known as “Futures Spreads”).
Futures swaps simply represent the price-differential between two different points in time of the same underlying contract.
For instance, assume the price of the September BTC future is 9,500, and the price of the December BTC future is 9,700. The fair market value of the Sep/Dec Futures swap is -200.
How are they used?

For “Rolling”

Assume a trader has bought (is long) 10,000 September BTC futures contracts expiring on 25th September. As the expiry date draws closer the trader wishes to “roll” their position to the next futures contract, the December BTC futures contract expiring on 25th December. If they didn’t, the trader would lose their long position, and simply realize pnL with the close-out price as the price of expiration of the September Future. To execute the roll, the trader needs to close his/her position by selling (going short) 10,000 September BTC futures contracts, and at the same time buying 10,000 December BTC futures contracts. In the absence of an effective swaps contract, he will do this manually. The execution of the roll carries two major risks:
  • Significant price risk: In an attempt to simultaneously and continuously sell/buy 10,000 futures, prices may move significantly, and the available amount in any single execution may be greater in one contract than the other; it can get lob-sided.
  • Increased fees: Unless the trader is algorithmically managing to try and become a Maker in both instances, he/she is likely to pay 2x the Taker fee in an attempt to quickly ensure the trade amounts are equal in both maturities.

For Basis Trades

It is not necessary that in the above example the trader necessarily have a position in either contract to begin with; a roll may not be mandatory. In fact, it is entirely possible that a price-differential of $200 is attractive on its own for a trader to try and earn ‘roll-down’. If the December contract is worth $200 more than the September contract in today’s date, what is the reason? Is it simply futures interest? Is it distorted by some other risks? In either event, a savvy trader may look to bet on the convergence (or even further divergence), and this would be enabled by that single-click trade in the Futures Swap market.

What does this do for the ecosystem?

Futures swaps/spreads are a common product in legacy markets. At their core, their very nature drives liquidity ‘further out the curve’. When you log into a dashboard and you see a Mar 2021 BTC futures contract, it may look as if it has a lot of risk. But what if you also saw a Perpetual Swap-Mar 2021 Swap at say -400? All of a sudden that looks different; in one leg you’re effectively short Bitcoin vs. long in another. Your risk is entirely on the price-differential, and hence it’s likely to move less than just the price of Bitcoin (lower beta), encouraging you to take a view, and perhaps with greater leverage. And in doing so, you’re providing interest to a Mar 2021 BTC futures contract that may have otherwise run dry.

Implied Orderbooks

But these products will fall flat on their face, unless they are deployed correctly, and for that you need implied orderbooks. What this simply means is that at anytime you see a futures swap price, it is directly intertwined to the liquidity of the underlying orderbooks.
Screenshot of Alpha5 interface illustrating swap prices
In this example above you see a Swap Price of -516.5/-515.5. That price is actually being aggregated from two individual futures. Meaning, if you trade the swap, you trade two futures. This is key. Because what you are doing is not only providing interest in any particular maturity, but also providing liquidity. 1+1 = More.
In the example in the previous section, if you traded the [Perpetual Swap — Mar 2021 Future] Swap without implied orderbooks, you simply get a ‘Mark Price’ reference at which you are marked for each individual leg of the Swap, and no individual legs need to be traded. But if that same price were implemented with implieds, you will have traded each individual leg in both orderbooks. This means the March orderbook actually was matched for a real trade against someone doing something completely different! There is beauty here because there is a non-linear building of liquidity with each additional contract.
Imagine you have 3 contracts available to trade:
  • Perpetual Swap
  • September Future
  • December Future
With implied orderbooks, you will have 3 additional contracts created (Perp-Sep, Perp-Dec, Sep-Dec), without needing any additional liquidity, for a total of 6 contracts.
And the general interpolation of this would look like:
For every additional product that you add, you create a synergistic relationship between many more!
Having Implied Orderbooks and Swap Contracts is a very powerful tool, especially in a market that is completely imbalanced with regards to where it anchors liquidity. Alpha5 is proud to be a first mover, and looks forward to helping drive liquidity for the benefit of the ecosystem.
To learn more about Alpha5 and keep up-to-date with the latest news, visit our website and sign up for our newsletter at
Follow along or contact the team with your inquiries:

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09-25 10:14 - 'SwissBorg Community competition, win up to $9k in btc and counting (NO DEPOSIT needed)' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/2020gamblefree removed from /r/Bitcoin within 19-29min

SwissBorg Community Competition, win up to 9400$ and counting. No deposits.
Swissborg has launched their new commnunity app where the goal is to predict in x timespan (normally 24h) if the price of bitcoin is going to go up, or down. You "bet" with points given, you start with 400 (+3000 if you use refode) and get a few each day. Top 1000 get prices, these will be payed out on the SwissBorg Wealth app in BTC (and withdrawable in the future).

Even though top 1000 may not sound like possible, it very well is. But dont worry, when using the app and making predictions you earn badges, these badges reward you in CHSB (token of SwissBorg). For winnings / bonus, one will go through KYC to be able to withdraw this, KYC is not needed for the app. Only email + phonenumber.

There is no cost to this, and may I say it, a huge chance to take it home big.
[[link]3 | Google playstore
[[link]4 | Appstore IOS
Refcode for extra 3000points: NEEUS6I
SwissBorg Community competition, win up to $9k in btc and counting (NO DEPOSIT needed)
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: 2020gamblefree
1: pl*y.go*gle**o*/store/ap****etai**?id=com*swiss*o*g.andr**d*community&am*;hl*en*US 2: ap****c*/app/swi*sbo*g-*om**ni*y/id1454*4**75 3: pla*.goo***.com/st*re**pps/details?id=co**s**s*b**g*an**munity*amp;hl=e**_*S]*^1 4: apps.a*pl**c*m/ca/**p/swi*sbo***comm**i*y/id14*4645575]^^2
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Google to Ban Binary Options Ads

Google is ready to ban binary option and cryptocurrency ads

Well, it’s about time, Google is next in line to pose a stiff challenge to the largely fraudulent online trading industry. The world’s largest search engine has just announced that it plans to ban all cryptocurrencies and binary options advertisements, and it is cracking down on ads for various other speculative financial products.

Say goodbye to binary options & cryptocurrency ads

The new rules, which are scheduled to take effect in June, will flat out ban adverts for binary options, cryptocurrencies and all related content (including initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice. Cryptocurrencies have surged in popularity over the last year thanks to a boom in the price of bitcoin towards the end of fiscal 2017. This coincided with a surge in initial coin offerings (ICOs), where numerous startups have issued their own cryptocurrency in exchange for money to construct their businesses.

Taking Facebook’s lead

Google’s hard-line approach follows a similar ban that Facebook enacted earlier in the year in banning cryptocurrency related advertising on its platform. Scott Spencer, Google’s Director of Sustainable Ads said in a recent blog post that the clampdown is part of Google’s efforts to shield consumers from online trading scams.
However, much of the online trading world is unregulated, which in turn has attracted scammers looking to make quick money. Last year myriads of “pump and dump” filled the market, while this year bogus ICO projects have become routine.

Forex & CFD Crackdown

Google is additionally coming down on ads for contracts for difference (CFD), spread betting, and foreign exchange (forex) instruments on its platform.
These products carry a high level of risk and the entire industry is under increasing regulatory scrutiny across Europe over the past year thanks to severe investment fraud sweeping through the continent. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued a warning in November that cryptocurrency CFDs are incredibly high-risk, speculative products that risk the investor suffering significant losses. Research conducted by the FCA showed 82% of people who use the products lose money, implying CFDs are more similar to gambling than investing.

Affiliate marketing for online trading takes a hit

Google additionally announced it is banning ads from affiliates and aggregators who traffic leads to online trading brokers. These websites earn a commission for referring new clients to these products that are lightly regulated.
The search giant will require CFD, spread bet, and forex websites to register with it if they want to advertise on its platform and all brokers must be licensed in the country they are looking to advertise in.

Pressure getting to Google

Google’s financial marketing crackdown arises among continued pressure on the search giant, which additionally owns YouTube, regarding the way it runs its advertising procedure. Google has been heavily criticized by the media and politicians for permitting everything from radicalization to binary options trading on its advertising platform due to careless controlling of content and advertising.
Spencer did state in his blog post that Google removed 3.2 billion “bad” ads last year and announced, “Improving the ads experience across the web, whether that’s removing harmful ads or intrusive ads, will continue to be a top priority for us.” We shall see. However, there is a pretty good chance that these fraudulent brokers will just simply change the name of their product in order to get around Google’s ban and deceive an unsuspecting user.

What you can do

If you are the victim of an HBC Broker scam be sure to send your complaint to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), and we will do our very best to get into contact with you as soon as we can to initiate your funds recovery process.

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How to Trade Bitcoin with CoreSpreads ☝ How To LIVE BET @ Bitcoin and Sprint Markets How to bet online with 5Dimes and bitcoin Best Sites To Buy Bitcoin

How Bitcoin Spread Betting Works. With spread betting, you start by choosing the cryptocurrency you want to bet on. From there, you decide to go long if you think the price of the asset will rise or go short if you believe it will fall. You then decide the amount of capital you wish to invest for every point of movement on the market, known as the stake. With spread betting, you can take ... Guide to Bitcoin Spread Betting. How to bet with bitcoins. Betting on bitcoins is easy. Because of the intrinsic privacy of the payment method, it makes no sense for betting houses to collect personal information. The usual procedures for confirming identity by sending copies of identification and address documents that many houses require are completely unnecessary. Registration is immediate ... When choosing your spread bet, it is possible to bet on a specific cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, or a currency pair. If the bet is on a particular cryptocurrency, it is based on the price of that crypto. For example, you are likely to find spread betting choices for XBT/GBP, XBT/EUR, XBT/USD, XBT/CNH, and XBT/JPY. It is also important to note that most spread betting involves trading on ... Bitcoin spread betting is a way to speculate on price movements of this cryptocurrency. This article explains the concept and gives an example of a spread bet. When you spread bet on Bitcoin you can use a guaranteed stop to limit your risk even when the market is closed. So if the market crashes over the weekend you are still protected. Disadvantages of spread betting on Bitcoin. Leverage is very risky. As well as being an advantage using leverage when you trade is risky because you can lose far more than your deposit. Especially with a very volatile ...

[index] [39567] [44124] [2141] [43024] [5046] [873] [6879] [7707] [7817] [19770]

How to Trade Bitcoin with CoreSpreads ☝

Best of YouTube Music ... 🎁 ️HUGE Giveaway, BCH TXs over $2 billion per day, US City to use SLP Token and more by - Official Channel. 14:12. You Can Now Invest in ... The best sites to buy bitcoin offer 24/7 support at When it comes to buying the cryptocurrency, it is essential to choose the best an... Corespreads are a regulated spread betting and CFDs provider and are our channel sponsor for this month. I will discuss things like margin requirements, costs of trading cryptos and how to place a ... We did offer a binary bet on Bitcoin but the interest just wasn't there. It is not a trade for the faint of hearth as the price of Bitcoins has been incredibly volatile. It is an interesting thing ... What is Bitcoin and how to use it to Bet On Sports - Duration: 6:43. SBD 679 views. 6:43. ... What is the "Spread" in Sports Betting - Duration: 2:24. Kev's Picks 121,874 views. 2:24 . 10 Things ...