Free Bitcoin From Playing Minecraft

Back in 2012, I was an avid fan of Minecraft. I would play Minecraft all day everyday. Video games were my life. At the time, I was a part of a gaming community called Minecraft Crafters Community (lol). The admin of the community had started a sort of program where players could obtain free satoshi depending on the amount of blocks they destroyed on their Minecraft server. He called it MinecraftCC Mine4BTC. I didn't know much about bitcoin at the time, and frankly, I had no real interest in it. Although, the idea of essentially obtaining free money (although a very small amount at the time) by playing video games was simply amazing to my teenage mind.
I spent days and days preparing big mining events with hundreds of people where we would spend hours on end just aimlessly destroying blocks in Minecraft. For every block destroyed, there was an amount of satoshi we would receive (depended on the type of block destroyed). Every so often we would get a payout to our bitcoin wallets of hundreds of thousands of satoshi. I was regularly receiving payments of 0.001+ bitcoin. I even received a payment of 0.03 bitcoin at one time after endless hours of hitting blocks. I still knew nothing about bitcoin or its potential. I just had nothing else to do with my time.
Fast forward 5 years and I begin to hear about bitcoin on the daily. I remembered the old program I was involved in (ended since then), and decided to see what all the craze was about. After hours of trying to recover my old wallet on my old laptop, I managed to get back 0.045 bitcoin worth $200 upon recovering it. While $200 is nothing... it was enough to grab my attention and I have now invested a significant amount in bitcoin. To think 5 years ago I was getting free bitcoin from play f**king Minecraft is mind blowing. Nevertheless, I now believe in bitcoin and have shared my knowledge on it with friends and family. This technology is going to change the world. While I wish I hadn't been so stubborn back in 2012 and would have taken the initiative to learn what I was getting involved in... There's no reason in dwelling on it. Bitcoin is going to moon. And as always... don't forget to HODL!
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Free Sources of Bitcoin

Im going to try to keep a list open of free sources to obtain Bitcoins. Most of these places give you incredibly small amounts(Usually microBTC), but this should be helpful to new people and a way to get them started. Feel free to add more ways or any other suggestions you have!
Also, dont just downvote this to keep it to yourself.
1.BitVisitor Spend 5 minutes on an ad to recieve
Reference ||| No Reference
2.Daily Bitcoins Actually hourly
Reference ||| No Reference
5.Bitcoin Tree Adblock needs to be disabled
6.Bitcoin Addict
7.Netlookup Free Bitcoins
Reference ||| No Reference
8.CoinTube Watch ads for BTC
Reference ||| No Reference
9.Bitcoins 4 Me!
10.Bitcoin Get Makes you do a few things before you recieve
11.EarnFreeBitCoins Spend 3 minutes on an ad
Reference ||| No Reference
12.Bittit Upload photo for BTC Link
13.If you play Minecraft
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Making Bitcoins for beer money

Note: This is about getting bitcoins without mining them, which is impractical for most people!! There are sites which will pay you in bitcoins for clicks and that is the focus of this submission.
News about bitcoin mania and related crazy shit have been cropping up on reddit, especially as the banking crisis in Cyprus has led to a surge in the value of bitcoins.
It was basically designed to be a digital online currency. A bit like reddit karma, except it's useful and can be spent on goods and services. The reason so many Cypriot bank customers seem to be moving to bitcoins is that they fear their government will grab a large slice of their bank deposits, in order to pay off their debts, probably. Bitcoins are untouchable (so far), but are volatile and so their value can fluctuate heavily, but no one can help themselves to your bitcoins (unless you get hacked). Make sure to keep your bitcoin wallet safe if you somehow do manage to make non-trivial amounts of the stuff.
They are very convenient and kind of fun though. For example, some redditors are working on a reddit based bitcoin feature whereby you can reward a comment using bitcoins. There's also a reddit bitcoin market where you can buy and sell random stuff. So, they definitely are of some actual use.
One thing about most bitcoin beer money sites is that, given the nature of bitcoins, payouts can be made to anyone, in any country.
First step: Get yourself a bitcoin client, which will act as a bitcoin wallet and generate bitcoin addresses. Bitcoin-qt is a simple one, which can be used on Windows, Macs and Linux computers. You can also get an online client called My Wallet, which is compatible with iphones, Android phones, Windows, Macs and Linux.
People used to mine bitcoins using their computers, but that got progressively more difficult as time went by. All the easy bitcoins get mined by expensive, purpose built, bitcoin mining rigs.
Free Bitcoin Sites:
Earn Bitcoins - these are sites where you can earn bitcoins by doing some online work like visiting websites, watching videos/ads, completing surveys, etc. You can obviously make more money from these sites than the more simple free ones:
Gaming Sites:
Didn't want to post any links to gambling or gaming sites, but this one seems like a bit of fun:
And remember, don't get too carried away. Do not spend ridiculous amounts of time and money investing in bitcoins!!
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The Minecraft Faucet (Mine For BTC!)

MinecraftCC, an established gaming community with several hundred active members, now offers a unique feature: a Minecraft Faucet. You can be paid to play! Every player is paid for every block they mine or place.
See this thread for more information:
Current payout is 10 satoshis per block mined or placed. I would love to increase this to at least 10x, if not 50x, but cannot afford to do it on my own, so am asking for donations to help. If you wish to donate to a unique faucet certain to bring Bitcoin to many people who would not have otherwise tried it, then send any amount to 13m8dAb16KqWv7v9oEsr97mYMXbynR6CoD. 100% of funds sent to that address will be used for this project to pay out to people as they mine blocks.
MinecraftCC was founded in September 2010, and is home to some truly epic Minecraft creations, including the semi-famous Kong vs T-Rex statue:
Server IP: Website IP:
View MinecraftCC's trailer video, a showcase of some of the incredible things built by MinecraftCC members on our server, here:
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Update on the Minecraft Bitcoin Faucet

As some of you know, I run MinecraftCC and the Minecraft Bitcoin Faucet on that server. It provides an excellent opportunity for those who play Minecraft to be introduced to Bitcoin and gather some small amounts of BTC themselves (entirely dependent upon how much "work" they put in).
More info here:
The fund began with 1 BTC donated by myself along with 0.26 BTC donated by a few others, and it has almost run out. I will fund it with an additional BTC, but I would surely appreciate donations from anyone else who would like to contribute to bringing new users into the Bitcoin world! Send to 13m8dAb16KqWv7v9oEsr97mYMXbynR6CoD.
The first 1.13 BTC has lasted from November 19th until today, and people seem to genuinely appreciate the payout, even if it is small bits at a time. In that time, 227 people have signed up and have received at least one payout.
This next round, I will be advertising among other Minecraft communities to help gather some more fresh faces who haven't been exposed to Bitcoin before.
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Faucets don't work well

With most faucets not working or paying too marginal to be even remotely worth it, I would like to see more,, maybe some bitcoin for video video, etc.
I was also just part of the minecraft server thebitcoinmines which paid per block break and place, yet they recently had to retire that feature.
Since this sub hasn't had much activity, hopefully we can see more creative outlets to earn small amounts of bitcoin.
Anyone have any good unknown sites or minecraft servers?
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Crafter's Community [Semi-Vanilla][SMP][PvE][PvP][Creative][Adventure][Hub]{Clans}{Bitcoin}{1.8}{Community}{G-Rated}

We are a community-based server established since 2010 and Minecraft Alpha! During our 5 years of uptime, we've had over 40,000 unique players joining us. We have hundreds of donators. Our server is G-rated, which makes it perfect for families and people of any age. Right now, we have 8 different worlds with different playstyles, so that everyone will find something they like.
We've also been running a bitcoin program since 2012, which allows any player to earn free bitcoins by mining blocks on our server (all worlds included). All for free!
Our worlds :
  • Survival : Classic Minecraft survival with mobs enabled (no PvP).
  • Build : Another survival world, but with mobs and damage turned off, if you're looking for an easier challenge.
  • Resource : A world dedicated to gathering resources; no monsters, no animals, and no damage. Strip mining is allowed in this world only. Warning : this world is regularly resetted.
  • Clans : A Clans world, for all of your PvP needs! Create a clan and fight for domination!
  • Creative : A creative world where you can build without limits. You will need to apply before building there.
  • Games : Want to relax and play some minigames? Join this world and play one of the numerous games we have, including but not limited to : Spleef, PvP Arena, King of the Ladder, Maze Challenge, Mayan Temple, Parkour Tower, Mob Wave Arena...
  • SkyBlock : Start on a floating island with a chest, a tree and few blocks of dirt, and expand it to complete a series of challenges, which will give you money and more helpful stuff!
  • CityBuilder : We are trying to recreate the campus of the University of Oregon in a creative world. Use the blueprints that are on the floor as well as Google map, any help is appreciated! (Please check the forums to find out how to start)
Server features :
  • 100% legit - All of the buildings (except in the creative world) were built using legitimately acquired materials. We do not spawn in items or blocks.
  • Moderators will rollback any grief caused to you
  • Community-based server, with a friendly atmosphere at all times
  • Up to 10 homes per player across all worlds
  • /tpa system and private warps for donators ($15 and more)
  • Protection stones (block protections and force fields) for donators ($15 and more)
  • No plot system - just build wherever you want, as long as you're not on someone else's property
  • We regularly feature events such as build contests or Ultra Hardcore, and we add new maps too!
Note : We aren't looking for new players as moderators. If you want to become a moderator, please first start by joining the community and spending at least a couple months with us :)
Server rules: G-rated server, no hacking/griefing/botting, no advertising, respect other players. Check the complete list
OwneAdmins/Moderators: SgtSpike, eaglestallon, dunkeroni
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MinecraftCC - [PvE][PvP][SMP][Creative] - Get paid to play Minecraft at MinecraftCC!

MinecraftCC is an established and mature family-friendly gaming community, started September of 2010. We typically have 5-25 players on the server at any given time.
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FULLY WORKING BITCOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY in Vanilla Minecraft ... MINECRAFT BITCOIN MOD 1.12.2 - Mod Spotlight Minecraft Bitcoin - YouTube Minecraft Bitcoin mod Bitcoin Add-on In Minecraft!

Bitcoin mining in Minecraft isn't as difficult as real-life bitcoin mining but it isn't easy either! You must be the first player to solve a 4x4 sliding tile puzzle in order to receive the bitcoin reward. If you feel this is too easy, set the puzzle_difficulty in the config to 'hard'. There is an option in the config to make it so players need to use a "computer" to mine bitcoins. After ... For all those wondering how they can earn Bitcoin while playing Minecraft, the answer was PlayMC.. PlayMC was a server on the widely popular Minecraft that offered players the chance of turning their gameplay time in the world’s bestselling video game into a real mining operation. Get paid to play Minecraft! THE PROGRAM HAS ENDED. SgtSpike; Nov 19, 2012; 60 61 62. Replies 1K Views 347K. Nov 26, 2017. Jeremanz. J ... If you have children that play minecraft, this is a great server for them to play on as well. They are strictly g-rated. If you do have a kid, set them up on this server, attach their minecraft account to your bitcoin account and now, its beneficial for both of you. The child gets to play in a safe environment, you can to make satoshi's. BitQuest : Bitcoin sur Minecraft. Par. Jean-Luc - 9 décembre 2014. 3. 941. BitQuest est un jeu expérimental basé sur Minecraft et permettant aux joueurs d’échanger leurs « émeraudes » (monnaie interne au jeu), contre de véritables « bits », c’est à dire des microbitcoins (0,000001 BTC), par l’intermédiaire d’un compte Xapo. Le serveur BitQuest est maintenu par les ...

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Be sure to go to their site to set everything up at This is it. This is my most advanced technical command creation I have ever made: a fully working Bitcoin cryptocurrency in vanilla Minecraft using command b... BITCOIN MOD 1.12.2 minecraft If you have any questions, please drop it in comment section below. I try my best and answer all. Subscribe : Bitcoin minen - Bitcoin erklären! In Minecraft! SparkofPhoenix. Loading... Unsubscribe from SparkofPhoenix? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1.23M. Loading ... Der große Kampf gegen den Wither Let's Play Minecraft Bitcoin #021 by Kavaeron. 23:26. Play next; Play now; So viel neues, WTF?! Let's Play Minecraft Bitcoin #022 by Kavaeron. 21:24 . Play ...