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Where to play Bitcoin dice: Bustadice vs TrustDice vs PrimeDice

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List of the Best Bitcoin Dice games: Bustadice vs TrustDice vs PrimeDice

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bitcoin dice 100% win ( bitsler , stake , primedice , freebitco .... )

bitcoin dice 100% win ( bitsler , stake , primedice , freebitco .... ) submitted by cryptoanalyticabot to cryptoall [link] [comments]

The Most Popular Bitcoin Dice Site PRIMEDICE has just added BITCOIN CASH!

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bitcoin dice 100% win ( bitsler , stake , primedice , freebitco .... )

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Primedice is the BEST and oldest Bitcoin Dice Game on the internet!

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bitcoin dice 100% win ( bitsler , stake , primedice , freebitco .... )

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The Most Popular Bitcoin Dice Site PRIMEDICE has just added BITCOIN CASH!

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bitcoin dice 100% win ( bitsler , stake , primedice , freebitco .... )

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Primedice update! Bitcoin dice site with a faucet.

Primedice - Ref
Primedice - Non Ref
A few weeks ago I made this thread to let/beermoney know about this nifty litty site.
I haven't spent to much time on the site until the last week. What I've been doing is popping in while watching my tv shows (football, the walking dead, poker) and chatting. I had built my balance up to .038 (about $14). I did this by martingaling and chatting. PD has quizzes, rainbot(More info @ /Primedice) and players that tip pretty regular if you don't beg for tips or break the rules in the chat.
Currently, my balance is at zero. I wanted to hit some big wins so I started trying to hit 707x and 1101x and some other crazy multipliers. The strategy I was using was working until last night when I hit 8 reds in a row. I had the bot set to roll 30 times at 2000 satoshis and then I would manually bet 100k satoshis on 2x win. This worked for about 800 rolls. Then I bricked and busted. I'll post some of my larger wins in the comments.
So here's what I recommend. Join and play around with the faucet when bored. Just divide your faucet by 20 and try to hit something like 700x win. Then drop it to 100x or 50x win, divide your balance by like 200 and use that as min bet. Let that roll and when you hit. Adjust your min bet. Do this until you have 50,001. Now make a "bank" account. 50,001 satoshis is the min tip. Tip the 50,001 to your bank and start over.
If you get tips or win a quiz, use the divide by 200 and try to bink a larger tip to your bank. Just let the bank build.
Also, follow PD on facebook as they have contest/giveaways.
If anyone has any ideas for betting with the bot, I'd love to discuss that in this thread. I know from reading the chat on PD that they recommend losing 20 bets in a row to let it martingale. You can still lose, but I know a guy who let it run for 2 weeks without hitting 20 losses in a row.
Lose small and win big /beermoney!
P.S. Last night a guy named Noah deposited 1 bitcoin and using a weird strategy ran it up to over 60 bitcoin before dropping down to roughly 45 btc and quitting. It was fun to watch. His strategy was to set min bet to 1/20th of this balance. Win multiplier on 2x. On loss he increased by 200%. He would set the bot to run for 5 rolls.
P.S.S. I can't grab a screenshot, but here's my stats.
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PrimeDice is the world's biggest BitCoin Dice site! Check it out! You won't be disappointed.

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[Freebie] Primedice, earn bitcoins for free by rolling a dice.

This is quite more effective than 999dice, you have infinite faucet claims to claim 5 cents in BTC and with a strategy you can turn it in some dollars and kill time when you are bored. Here you go:
Every time you loose your freeroll (Freebie of 5 cents) you can endlesly claim (Every 120 seconds) and the more you play the more archievements and levels you get meaning you can get a higher faucet next time. If you want to know my strategy just send me a PM here on reddit, downvoting my post means no strategy for you. There is a bingo in the chat and people having fun talking shit there, to enter the bingo i dunno lol you should read the admin named chatbox (Or bot).
Warning: If you are an active gamber or addict and have little time to loose, please consider leaving this post immediately. If you have time to invest or just bored you don't risk anything if you don't deposit so please be my guest, enjoy the fun. If you loose your freebie after winning a lot dont tilt, remember you can endlesly try again and kill time by doing something that can get you a free videogame or pizza LOL. Control your "Bankroll" take it like poker.
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[Freebie] Primedice, earn bitcoins for free by rolling a dice. /r/Bitcoincash

[Freebie] Primedice, earn bitcoins for free by rolling a dice. /Bitcoincash submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments] – Generates Over $15 Million USD of Turnover In First Three Months of Operation - Off Blockchain Bitcoin Dice Platform

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: about dice bot /r/Primedice

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Free $25 in bitcoin on

Stake is one of the largest bitcoin casino & sportsbook online. Their parent company Primedice has been the biggest dice site online since 2013
They have a lot of great casino games like plinko, keno, hi-lo, slots + more. All are provably fair.
The sportsbook has lots of live betting and every market you can imagine.
Payouts are INSTANT Lots of bonuses you earn based on your betting volume. Check out the promotions tab.
Use this link to claim your absolutely free $25 in bitcoin to test out the site. It will be credited within 24 hours under the reload tab located in the VIP section of your account.
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Having played on Stake for a year now I'd like to share what I think about it. The site is made by the same people who made PrimeDice so the general design is similar but Stake has 12 games including a dice game. All the games are provably fair so you can verify your bets to be sure it's not rigged and the house edge averages 1%. My favorite games are plinko, video poker, and keno. They also have a great community and forum. You can chat with other players and even receive free rains of crypto in chat every few minutes. The site supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Doge. There is not minimum bet so you can choose any amount you want. Withdrawals are instant and I've never had an issue with it. If you do have any issues, they have an awesome support staff available 24/7. If you bet a lot be sure to ask them about rakeback and you can get a percentage of your total wagered amounts.

So overall this is my favorite crypto casino because of the games, community and overall trustworthiness. Here's my link if you want to check it out.
Stake Crypto Casino
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3 years ago I misclicked a bet on PrimeDice and lost 2.3 BTC in one click. Today that's the equivalent of $16,865 :(

When I first heard about bitcoin in 2011 I was super excited about it but was unsure about how to get it. I had a friend who built computers and he was an early miner.
Fast forward to 2013. I made a bitcoin wallet on Coinbase and bought 3 BTC for $300 each. I was soon telling everyone about BTC and how it was the future of money!
Here's where it gets bad. I was browsing a bitcoin forum and saw an ad for PrimeDice. I've always had an addictive personality when it comes to gambling. You probably know where this is going. I set up an account and moved a small fraction of a BTC over to my PrimeDice account. I make a few small bets and win! Hey this 'provably fair" gambling site seems legit and I just won .1 BTC! This is awesome, I thought. Fast forward an hour and I'm down about .7 BTC. In an effort to make my lost money back I transferred over my remaining bitcoins and proceeded to make smaller, better odds bets. Painstakingly, I won almost my full amount back and I was back up to about 2.9 BTC.
Here's where I royally fucked up. Under the bet amount button there was another button that maxed your bet to your full amount in your account. Not thinking I hastily clicked this button instead of my usual .1 bet amount and click roll.
Suddenly my heart sank. The metallic taste of iron enveloped my palate. What had i just done? I lost 2.3 bitcoin in one roll. At the time that amounted to $690. A huge amount of money for someone making minimum wage.
I vowed not to buy more bitcoin fearing I might find myself gambling it again in an attempt to make my lost coins back. That 2.3 bitcoins today? Worth over $16,865.
I've matured a lot over these past 3 years. I no longer gamble at all and today I bought $1000 worth of BTC. It's just a small fraction of one coin but I feel great just being a bitcoin owner again after years of regretting my mistake.
I know I have no one to blame but myself and this isn't a sob-story. I just wanted to let this community know that my past mistakes haven't kept me from proudly being a part of the future of currency as we know it.
TLDR; Gambled away 3 BTC (worth $22k today) in under an hour. Three years later proudly bought $1000 worth of BTC. Learned from my mistakes.
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Real random numbers in LotoBlock!!

Real random numbers in LotoBlock!!
Dice is an ancient game that is still popular today.
Primedice, the largest bitcoin lottery website, has betting amount exceeding 1,222,914 BTC per year.
The mechanics of Primedice is to ask the players to randomly select number 2 to number 99 from the range of 1 to 100.
The System generates 1 to 100 random numbers based on the torrents of both the website and its players. The player wins if the random number falls within the range.
One key factor here is the mechanism of how the random numbers generated.
How to be certain the website does not cheat?
Although Primedice has gain trust among its players, its random number is a mathematical pseudorandom number.
Lotoblock‘s solution is applying RANDOM.ORG, which provides real random numbers for everyone.
The randomness herecomes from the atmospherics noise.
Lotoblock will publish the smart contract on Lotomatrix.
After the players wager their bets, the smart contract will request a random number to RANDOM.ORG by Oracle,
which would automatically transfer the price to the player who wins. The smart contract and Oracle together ensured the fairness and transparency of game.
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Boom !! Litecoin is now available ! #litecoin #ltc

We are happy to announce that Litecoin is our first altcoin available on Primedice (more will follow) !
Since this morning you can see 2 different balances in your account : just clic on the drop down arrow on the right of your usual balance and you'll see your Litecoin balance.
2 coins, 2 balances, 2 types or rains in chat, 2 possibilities to win some coins ... double pleasure !
And that's only the first one, we plan to add more altcoins in the future. All the players will have the ability to choose which coin they wanna bet with : smaller amount of high value coin, full coin of middle price coins or lots of cheaper tokens.
And if you don't like other coins ? That change absolutely nothing for you ! The balance by default is still Bitcoin and the experience of dicing you know until there will remain the same.
Have fun, discover it and good luck !!
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Had some trouble with the previous post of this, probably because of the Zap links. No big deal though, it was just trying it out and obviously it didn't work so hot. Here's the same post with direct links.
Play some games! These all have faucets so you can play (a little) without spending anything.
Come back once in a while because I may, and do, add to this list.
these are nearly all referral links

The Games

Just click 'em and go. Primedice Play through a VPN if you're in the US Cryptoskull YOLOdice DuckDice 999Dice Luckygames house token faucet

No Faucet

Still ways to get free bits, but don't beg

Extra Faucets

They may have annoying pop ups, but so far only as bad as needing to close a tab. Should any cross the line they will be removed. Use these collectively to fund the games for a little extra play or to fund a strategy.
AllCoins Clams4Free renamed, you'll need a Clam wallet, wallet and play at Instant-LTC
CoinPot required: Moon Bitcoin Moon Litecoin Moon Dogecoin Moon Bcash Moon Dash Bitfun Bonus Bitcoin
A note about CoinPot: you can convert one faucet bucket balance to another type, BTC to LTC for example, but it's not equal. If you convert do it to a balance once only or you'll lose some to the conversion regardless of what they say.


No, not fake web mining or scams. This will be a short list.
Electroneum Mobile Miner I no longer recommend Electroneum. Their "miner" worked as advertised, but they're a hairs breadth from being a centrallized coin which is just wrong.


You can trade between Clam<->BTC or LTC<->Doge or whatever you prefer
Cryptopia Popular exchange, has many cryptocurrencies. VirWoX high fees, but easy to get BTC from PayPal or back this way. Only useful for that purpose unless you play their game too.
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Confession on how I got away with $1500 in Bitcoins for free

So first of all, yes, I'm using a throw-away account and Tor (Apparently you have to use in order to login through Tor. The regular let me register but wouldn't let me login. Just FYI for anyone having the same problem.) Call me a coward if you like.
Anyway, this happened a few months back. I was trying the wallet encryption feature for the first time on Bitcoin-QT. I got it setup but wanted to verify I could send and receive coins (and also that it would prompt for a password each time.) To do so, I figured I'd have a little fun and try out PrimeDice. I'm not much of a gambler (I never bet more than $20 at a time and I usually end up losing) and this was really only a test so I sent, I don't remember, about $1 or $2 worth of bitcoins over. Bitcoin-QT prompted me for my password as it should have. I rolled the dice a couple times and actually came out ahead by a small amount (won 50 cents or something.)
Then I hit cashout. Transaction comes in OK for the correct amount but then, what's this? Another transaction? Then another? And another? And another? I'm thinking oh great I must have glitched my wallet. But then they start confirming. At that point I realized I just hit the Bitcoin equivalent of winning the jackpot. Somehow PrimeDice messed up bad and sent my small transaction to me over 100 times (actually math tells me it would have been over 700 times, I don't remember.) And it wasn't just a double spend. Every. Single. Transaction. was valid and confirmed through the blockchain. It was popping up "received new bitcoins" on my screen about every 10-30 seconds for hours. I had already stayed up far too late watching the transactions come in and had to work very early in the morning so I forced myself to go to sleep after I had received about $500 worth, knowing the money was still flowing in. Woke up to the full amount and just though "Holy Shit. What are the chances? This is almost a month's worth of income for me for free."
Anyway, I ended up cashing it all out to fiat so I have none of those bitcoins left. I have this mistake to thank for my new monitor and GPU I'm using to type this. I'm not proud of my actions but I'm curious: If you were in my situation, what would you do? It would be like if you went to the ATM (that you somehow knew not to have a security camera and with no one else standing around) to take out $20 and it just glitched and kept spitting out money. Then you look at your bank statement and you only get charged for the $20. Me personally, I would have no hesitation at all stealing from someone like Bank of America. I feel a bit worse about taking coins from a smaller player like PrimeDice. If it was an individual person, I probably would have given the money back.
Does that make it right? No, but $1500 doesn't make all that much difference to them but it's a hell of a lot of money for me making only marginally better than minimum wage. Also, since it's a gambling service, I just took at as a large win. Happens all the time, right? And what business do they have using semi-anonymous currency with no method of collecting refunds if they can't design their systems properly? I just gave them a hard lesson (but not too hard, I doubt $1,500 would really hurt them, just give them a wake up call to fix it before it becomes $15,000. I also waited a couple months to post this so they had time to fix it. I see they've re-designed their site now and this happened prior to the re-design so good chance the bug is patched now.)
These justifications are paper-thin, I know. Just giving you an idea of my mindset at the time. So, go ahead, flame me, down-vote me, call me a thief if you like but put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself what you would honestly do. Some of you would give it back, I'm sure. But most? I don't know.
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Saying that Primedice specializes in Bitcoin dice games is selling it short: this website is so specific, it offers a single Hi-Lo dice game. You won't find slot games, table games, nor any other betting options. However, this simplicity certainly helped establish Primedice as one of the most newcomer-friendly blockchain casinos. Since it's 100% provably fair, transparent, and (mostly ... Website Best Bitcoin Games is using cookies to provide our visitors with best possible browsing experience. Cookies are small text files stored by our website in your browser (hard drive of your computer) which contain information required for certain functionality, for example - to recognize you when you're visiting us again, or to track analytics, so we can better understand how visitors are ... Primedice Bitcoin Gambling. Votes: 1010 Primedice. Vote For Site Visit Website. Have you ever heard about Primedice? It is a reliable trading casino platform of cryptocurrency that has already existed for 5 years! The first thing you see is the website and it is really different from analogs. All you need to start the process is just to create a username and begin within seconds. Youtube Video ... The largest, best & most active crypto dicing forum! Here you can discuss, brag, make friends and participate on all sorts of topics related to bitcoin, gambling and crypto with Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. Bitcoin dice game established 2013. Provably fair. Lowest house edge. Instant deposits & withdrawals. Enhanced privacy. Register instantly & gamble Bitcoin alongside 130 other cryptocurrencies.

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Real Gambling, Real Profits. Primedice is the undisputed most popular and trusted Bitcoin casino. Register and play for real. #1 Bitcoin Dice gambling website - Fan Art "Taste the Victory" - Primedice Roll your luck at NOW!!! -----... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue This method makes far more bitcoin and makes it far more faster than my usual 5% loss and win, stop and go method. P.S The chat mod on Primedice named Randall Needs to Learn how to show respect to ... 🔷5000 Bitcoin Giveaway🔷[ Robert Kiyosaki interview ] Crypto, Bitcoin BTC Halving [May, 2020] Robert Kiyosaki BTC 21,643 watching Live now Language: English